Window Cleaning

Clean windows allow warmth and light to enter our buildings. RTW Window Cleaning takes pride on a job well done.

Regular cleaning prevents the build up of dirt and grime and keeps your frames in good order so why not arrange for us to arrive at your premises once a month.

Domestic Windows

With the right tools the job is soon done. Ladders will generally help us reach most windows in a home. We bring everything we need so as long, as we have access, there is no need to be at home when we arrive.

Commercial Windows

Bright office windows lead to a bright office. With long reach brushes, we can clean windows that the ladder will not reach.

Conservatory Roofs

We love to feel the warmth and light of a glass conservatory roof but, after a time, even the self cleaning roofs need attention. Leaves, mildew and bird droppings collect and, in some situations, we also see green algae.

A regular clean about twice a year will prevent a build up of dirt keeping the room below bright and cheerful.

How do we clean the conservatory roof?

Where possible, we will climb up and wash the glass by hand as this gives the best clean.

Where this is not possible we have long reach brushes and hoses to leave your roof sparkling.

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