Fascias and Soffits

Whether they are PVC or wood, the fascia and soffit boards attract dirt dust and mildew. When these are kept clean the house not only looks good, it also prolongs it's life.

Why clean the fascias and soffits?

Fascia and soffit boards play and important part in keeping our homes dry and warm. Their job is to protect our roof rafters and loft space from weathering damage. When the fascias and soffits are in good condition they prevent drafts and dampness which can lead to rot in loft spaces.

Gutter Clearance

Our gutter clearance is carried out by hand to ensure that the guttering is not damaged by machinery. We carry out an inspection and can make minor repairs where we find damaged guttering.

After clearing, the system is tested to ensure good drainage.

Why clear the gutters?

The guttering system is there to protect your home, taking the excessive flow of water from the roof away from the house and so protect the walls and alleviate damp around the foundations.

If a gutter is not maintained it will become clogged with leaves, dust and other detritus blown by the wind. This creates the ideal growing medium for vegetation and renders the gutter ineffective. Water spills over and down the walls of the building.

An annual inspection and clearing will prevent this happening. Keeping your guttering in good health and protect your home.

Roof Moss

As we clear the moss from your roof, we can also inspect the tiles for any damage thus preventing major leaks later. The work is carried out by hand since high pressure water can damage the coating on the tiles.

After the job is done, we ensure that the guttering system is free from debris and in full working order.

Why clean moss off the roof?

Where moss takes a hold on the roof it will continue to grow and force itself between the tiles causing leaks.

Patio Cleaning

We use a jet wash to clean the patio. This is strong enough to get between the crevices and clear out the debris caught between. It will clear out moss and other plants.

After washing we brush over clean sand to allow easy drainage.

Why clean the patio?

Where soil and moss takes hold on the patio it prevents drainage between the tiles or bricks causing water to collect and cause puddles and muddy patches. These can become slippery in wet or icy conditions and cause deterioration to the tiles.

A well maintained patio should allow water to seep between the tiles or bricks and into the land beneath.

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